Cathala Architectes, societe d'architecture et d'urbanisme Cathala,was created by french born architect Yves Cathala in 1974 with architect Nicolas Antoniucci as main partner. Since 1978 the partnership has been devoted to a multidisciplinary exercise of the architecture profession, exploring different branches of the architecture practice, from the renovation and restoration of ancient buildings and villas to the architecture and urban design in every scale, typology and detail level.

Since the last years to nowadays, the office faces a new period where all the experience and expertise gained through years of hard working and research experience in France, has lead us to face new projects abroad, where innovation , tradition, old and new technologies walk hand by hand.

Currently the team is not only multidisciplinary, but also designed in a way that many different backgrounds, and nationalities, been not only french and European, but Chinese, Americans and from the middle east. That mixture in the composition of our team can give us a wider scope when facing new problems and their solutions whenever they are, wherever they are.


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Born on September 4th, 1946 in Paris,
Architect-town planner DESA
DES in Political sciences
Graduated in the CIEU (Interdisciplinary Center of Urban Studies)
Graduated in the Center of Broadcasting mainstream education (IDHEC)